The sun, the sand and the sea… For me these are the best three words in the world. Do you feel the same? Can you share my passion? As far as I am concerned it is logical. Over 70 percent of our planet’s surface is water. We can’t survive without water. And around 60 percent of our body is water, so no wonder we get all tingly when thinking about the sea.

Of course there is the whole holiday aspect that fits those three words. Can you imagine having two weeks off, phone off, no computer in sight; just you, your family or friends, and a beach. Maybe you want to spend a few days flat on your back catching every sunray possible and reading a book, or you want to go surfing, diving, horseback riding or even hiking the cliff near the beach.
When going into unknown you usually ask yourself a few questions. Maybe you talk to your friends, get recommendations, search on the internet. The things I usually want to know:

    - What do other people think about a beach?
    - Is it crowded or is there no one as far as the eyes can reach?
    - Is there sand, gravel or huge rocks? Because then I might need water shoes.
    - How about parking? Do I need to rent a bike to actually get to the beach, or are there only 100 feet to heaven?
    - Is there a bar, if I accidently want to get drunk; I mean, drink something?
    - Can I expect 6 foot waves, or will I be sunbathing on my surfboard all day long?

You know, asking questions like these. So, I had my mind set on a dream beach, and did the one logical thing, asked Uncle Google about it. I put in the parameters, and voila… nothing. Yes, even Google isn’t Almighty. Now what? How to find that one special beach that fits all my desires?

And that was the problem I suddenly faced. I wanted to find a beach, but I couldn’t find something that would be perfect for me. So I decided to do something about it…