About me
Hello! I'm Greg, a beach enthusiast and the founder of the BeachRex project.  I am a big fan of photography, travelling, nature, sea, but above all, beaches. Even as a kid I adored the magical moments that can be found on that little spot, where the sea touches the land.

The beaches enchanted me and gave me an idea, which totally made sense, considering how much I love being near the water. Six years ago I decided to make my passion for beaches my life. I decided to make the biggest website in the world dedicated to the beaches of our whole planet. Why the whole planet, you may ask. Because I love challenges. And besides, my country Slovenia only has 46 km of coastline. That was not much of a challenge.

I did some research and realized that this idea is not out in the world yet. There is no website or mobile application that would really help you find your dream beach quickly. And so it began. It took all my courage, but I quit my job, bought a camera, a camper and hit the road. So far I have visited six Mediterranean countries. I started in Slovenia, continued south to Croatia and ended up in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then I took a two-month break and continued my adventure on the coast of Italy, France, all the way to Spain.

During this time I visited 2.445 beaches. Each beach was documented meticulously. I took photos of the parking area, the path to the beach, took photos of the beach from all possible angles, made a video and a spherical photo. I also wrote down all the important information about the beach. This way I started creating and I still am creating, the biggest database of beaches in the world. In this database you can find all imaginable information, and will help people find their perfect beach in a flash.

The trip was not boring at all. There were so many funny, interesting, and even scary moments that I want to share with you. This blog is for all of you that love beaches, and want to find out all about them. For all of you that love interesting stories, and want to find those little secret places in the world. Enjoy my blog!

My philosophy

Follow your dreams. Be true to yourself and your mission in life. Everything in life is an experience. Do not fear new experiences, because they are the core of our souls.

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