The summer is slowly ending. We are in the middle of the august and the sixth (well I stopped  counting) heatwave is over. There is still time for a vacation in the other half of the august or even in September if you prefer not so crowded tourist places and most importantly seaside. The weather will be nice even in the September. I think that the temperatures cannot get low so quickly and the seawater will not cool down immediately. My summer was very busy and I travelled a lot. Guess that comes as no surprise to you. As an expert in the travelling area, I decided that I will overview best beaches of Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. I took a long trip just to ensure that everything you will read about them is true. I selected the beaches from our site – from the biggest categories. Maybe you will get an idea about which Italian beach to visit in the future.

                If you take a closer look at our website, you will notice that beaches are divided according to the type of the underwater floor; for example sand, stone or rocks. Then you will also notice that the beaches are organized according to the main tourist’s groups that visit them. Some beaches are appropriate for the families, other for the adventurers. There are also beaches for those that are party types. At last but not least, we should not forget about the beaches with a natural shadow.

The first on the list is the top rated Italian beach Tre Ponti. This beach is located near small town Sanremo. This is a very old town, in fact it was founded in Roman times. Nowadays it is well known for hosting several cultural and sport events such as Sanremo Music Festival and Milan-Sanremo Cycling classic. Sanremo is a popular tourist destination and the beach Tre Ponti is one of the most visited destinations by the tourists. It is actually not surprising, because this sand beach is truly magnificent. It is appropriate for families, because it has everything you need on the beach. There are restaurants, cafes and even a bar on the beach. You can go swimming or snorkelling or if you prefer to stay out of the water there is also a pitch. The access to the beach is really simple, you can access the beach with a car or bike. If you take a look at the, you can even find the right accommodation and trips if you want to learn more about Italy and its tourists destinations.

beach Tre Ponti

The second beach on the list is for those who are wild hearted. It is more for adventurers. The beach that I have in mind is the Italian beach Prai. It is located near Arma Di Taggia. This beach is truly a hidden gem. You can visit the beach with a small boat or on foot. You can even go by bike. I told you that this beach truly for adventurers. You would not be able to eat in a fancy restaurant or have a drink in a bar on this beach, but you can enjoy the time for yourself that you spend there. The water is marvellous, so this is an amazing place for swimming and snorkelling. If you are feeling extra hungry, you can take your fishing rod and go fishing. Maybe you will catch a dinner for yourself.

beach Prai

The next beach on the list is the one for party souls. We all wanna have some fun. Right? The beach that I am talking about is the beach Bergeggi. It welcomes its guests with wonderful nature and a wild party. Everything you will need is on the beach. There are restaurants, cafes, bars and many activities in which you can enjoy. Next to partying, you can go swimming or snorkelling or you can even enjoy in the water sports. You will be able to share everything with your friends, because on this beach there is also a wifi hotspot.

beach Bergeggi

One the most beautiful sand beaches is the beach San Pietro next to the island Pellestrina. The dreamy location is easily accessible by car or bus. It is not so crowded, so it is appropriate for just everyone. If you hate the feeling of the sand between your toes there is just the right beach for you. The beach that I have in mind is the beach Balzi Rossi. If you go to our site and take a look at the pictures you will see the most amazing pictures. The beach consists of small stones that are so small that you will not need flip flops. If you want to find out more, you can take a look at our website

beach San Pietro

Those are only few suggestions from my side. I can assure you that Italy has many more beaches that I listed here. Italy is an amazing country and also an amazing tourist destination. You will see on our website that there is many options, which you can choose and take even a one day trip to Italy and visit several different places. The summer is definitely not over yet and you have many possibilities to go on a trip or to find a hotel room on the one of the best beaches and stay there over the weekend. The options are limitless and the choices will not cost you a lot of your money. In the September the prices will fall, because many tourists return to their work and you will be able to enjoy your free time in not so crowded places with a cocktail in your hand. This article is getting to its end and I wish that you will have a great time in the months to come. Stay safe and enjoy. Best!