Hello, my dear readers. As you all know, I am from small country named Slovenia. Many people mistake us for much larger country Slovakia, mostly because of the similar named and similar language. However, if you are looking for a vacation, you should not be mistaken. Slovenia is small, yet it is full of attractions. You can go swimming in the sea or in lake, you can go hiking, horse riding or do anything you would like to. It sounds almost dreamlike, but I can guarantee you that it is true. Nevertheless, my country is small, it offers you an amazing range of stuff to do here. If you have never visited us, please do. You will not regret your decision. In this blogpost, I will present and try to charm you with beauties that Slovenia offers. Even though our shore is at the shorter side, we have a lot to offer – from the beaches that are appropriate for families to the sandy beaches of your dreams.

One of the top rated beaches is the beach Mesečev zaliv. It is appropriate for those who are more on the adventurous side. It is located near Strunjan. The access to the beach is a little difficult, but always safe. You can visit the beach on foot or by car. There is also a parking lot with over than 50 parking spots. This beach consists of small stones, so you will need to wear flip flops as you will go to water. There are no organized activities on this beach; however, it is called the beach for adventurers with a reason.

beach Mesečev zaliv

The next beach that is worth mentioning is the beach Simonov zaliv. This one is appropriate for families. If you wish for a pleasant vacation with your family, you will certainly get it.  Simonov zaliv is located near Izola. Izola is an old fishing town. The name comes from the Italian word Isola that means an island. There is a toilet and shower on the beach. Furthermore there is also a playground for the children. Your children can play, while you are sipping a drink in the bar and watching over them. You can do many activities on this beach. You can go swimming, snorkelling or jumping in the sea. However, you should be extra careful. Always check how deep the water is before you jump in it, so that you will not hurt yourself. You can even participate in the water sports. If you wish for a calmer afternoon, you can take your fishing rod and go fishing. The second beach that is appropriate for families is the beach called Delfin (Dolphin). The beach is magnificent. There is restaurant and a pizza place. You can participate in water sports or enjoy your swim. If you decide to visit this beach, you will have to be prepared for the huge numbers of tourists that come to enjoy in this wonderful nature.

beach Simonov zaliv

Even though, we do not have a big shore. It is very diverse. The underwater bottom ranges from sand to rocks and you can choose as you please. The beach Svetilnik or Lighthouse is worth mentioning too. This beach is on the list of top rated beaches on the site beachrex.com. If you take a look at the site beachrex.com, you will be able to see the best offer of the beaches ever. You will be able to see the accommodation; which hotel to choose or apartman or a room. You can see also how the weather will be in the not so distant future. Furthermore, it is worth to take a look at our site beachrex.com. Well, I got carried away for a bit. So, the beach Svetilnik is one of the most beautiful beaches in Slovenia. It is easily accessible with a car; there is a parking lot, so you can leave your car there without worries. This is a fine gravel beach; sand will not get stack between your toes or worse – in your bathing suit. This beach is appropriate for families. The water is not so deep. If you take a long swim, you will see that it is about 5 meters deep, however, your children can play in the shallows, while you are watching over them.

beach Svetilnik

Slovenia has many beautiful attractions. Just visit our beautiful country and the seaside. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. I hope that this list was helpful to you and you created a picture in your head about how beautiful our seaside truly is. The offer is great. If you wish for a calmer vacation, you can visit our seaside in the September. The hotels and rooms are very affordable, and the weather is still warm. What better can a man wish for. I hope that this list was helpful to you and that you saw how much variety is here in Slovenia. We have beaches for families, party animals and adventurers. You will certainly not be disappointed if you decide to enjoy your vacation here. The nature is also magnificent. You can enjoy and relax in the beautiful beaches of Slovenia and in the magnificent sunset that our country offers you. For detailed information about the beaches and accommodation, you can visit our site beachrex.com. You will also see that many trips are organized for the tourists. So it is never boring on this side of the sea. Stay well and Ii hope that you will visit us. I wish you best and hope that you will have great summer or at least what is left of it.