Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and follow the amazing scent of aromatic herbs and pine trees. This will bring you to the city on the Adriatic coast that has been named one of the most interesting historical destinations in Adriatic – the city of Dubrovnik. The city is also famous for its mysterious beaches, which are versatile, and can please the sand and party lovers, or the ones that love the romance of hidden rocky bays. There are countless reasons why Dubrovnik is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast. Even if you prefer a swimming pool than the sea, you just might change your mind, when seeing the crystal blue waters surrounding the city.

This is one of the most famous family destinations in Dubrovnik. It is the biggest beach in the city area. Beach Copacabana is a unique combination of gravel and results of handy workers, which built small piers. On the beach you can find various water activities, like a water polo area or a complex of waterslides. It is very friendly to the disabled persons; they even have a lift to help them get into the water. While lying on the beach and catching some sun, you can also enjoy the view of the Elafiti islands and the Dubrovnik Bridge. The beach can be found on these GPS coordinates 42°39'49.25"N 18° 3'54.83"E.

Beach Copacabana

This is a hotel beach President of the President Hotel, which is located on the part of the Lapad peninsula called Babin Kuk. Because it is a hotel beach, it means that everything is within your hand’s reach. On this beach there is something for everyone; there is a part with pebbles, there are concrete terraces, rocks, and cute little bays. There is also a big pier, which leaves you in awe due to the most amazing crystal blue water. The beach President is also perfect for sport enthusiasts. There are many sport options, also renting jet skis, or exploring with pedal boats. To get to the beach use this GPS coordinates 42°39'42.51"N 18° 3'27.44"E.

Beach President

Let's check out the Uvala (bay) Lapad. There are a few different beaches. One of them is the beach Splendid, named after the hotel, in front of which it is located. There you can lie on pebbles or concrete terraces, but the water, the amazingly blue water, is the thing that takes your breath away. After diving in, and enjoying a swim, you can use the free-of-charge showers located on the beach, there are even places, where you can change. You will only have to pay for the parasols and beach chairs. For a fast and non-stressed access use this GPS coordinates 42°39'14.01"N 18° 3'54.01"E.

Beach Splendid

If you are a sports enthusiast, this beach is perfect for you. It is located in the bay under the hotel Bellevue. Beach Bellevue is the home of water polo, the number one sport in Dubrovnik. Here you can even see some of the games for the biggest amateur water pool competition in the world – The Wild League. The beach is a combination of gravel and concrete terraces. Because of its location and the rocks, above and under the water, you should bring your mask and flippers, and enjoy the wonders under the water. If you love the sun, you have to come in the morning and early afternoon, later in the afternoon rocks prevent the sun to shine directly on the beach. GPS coordinates are 42°38'47.01"N 18° 5'32.05"E.

Beach Bellevue

Visiting Dubrovnik's beaches will be very satisfying, because there are so many different beaches to choose from. Something will surely make you happy. Variety of different beaches is guaranteed. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy, and do not forget to take pictures for your collection; and for the BeachRex collection. I will leave you with the Croatian hello and goodbye – bok!