I have seen many beaches, but there are a few that hold a special place in my heart. They are so unique, so beautiful and rare. They are almost magical and they take your breath away.

If you like shells, they are the right place for you. There are a few spots in the world, where the sea currents and tide bring billions of shells to the beach. You can find all shapes and colors of shells there. It is a paradise for children, because it you can just pick up the shells and do not need to dive meters deep into the water.

I still love diving and seeking the shells in the deep water, but sometimes it is nice to just pick one from the ground. I noticed two reactions from the people seeing these beaches for the first time. The adults are usually speechless, but the children screen and jump, and cannot fill up their pockets fast enough.

Do you want this special experience? Do you want to put your children in shell paradise for a few hours? Well, you better bring an empty suitcase and visit one of these beaches.

Beach Le Clos. This beach is near the French town Marseilles, at a salty lake called Etang de Berre. This is not really a lake; it is connected to the sea by a small channel. This lake has the most shell beaches located in one place. You can find various black and white shells, and that is not all, the nature is amazing, especially bird life. It is very easy to reach, here are the coordinates for this beach 43°28'56" N; 5°7'35" E.

Beach le Clos

Beach Alberoni. This one is located near a famous Italian town, Venice. On a little island called Lido. This island is protecting the beautiful Italian town from the harsh winter conditions. There are tons of shells in all possible shapes and colors. You can lay among them in shallow water, or take a stroll down the 11 km long coast. The coordinates for this beach are 45°21'2.37"N; 12°19'47.06"E.

Beach Alberoni

Beach Du Mole. This one has the biggest shell 'collection' I have ever seen. It is located in the French province Languedoc-Roussillon, near the town Le Cap d'Agde. This one is very easy to reach and offers a big variety of beach infrastructure. In other terms, there are bars. I have a nickname of my own for this beach, Frutti di Mare. Just because of the colors. It took me a whole day 'playing' with the shells and studying them. So expect to have a real shell experience. The coordinates for this beach are 43°17'7" N; 3°31'26" E.

Beach du Mole

Just a little advice if you want to visit these beaches, do not walk around barefoot. Your feet will thank you.