Yes, finally it's vacation time. But are you still stuck at home, wondering where to go on this year’s vacation?  Well, if you need a little help, just keep reading. Today you will find out which are the best Croatian pebble beaches in our opinion. If you decide to travel to Croatia and you like pebble beaches you almost can't miss it because that's one of the things of what Croatia is famous for. The county of beautiful beaches owns more than 1000 islands. If that is not enough, you sure will find your perfect beach on another 1778 km of coastline on mainland. So, let’s check which one are the greatest pebble beaches of this Mediterranean country.

10. Beach Pokonji dol, Island Hvar
Beach Pokonji dol you can find near the town Hvar on Island with the same name. It's the largest pebble beach on Hvar and also the most visited one. Because of the small and fine pebbles, it’s great for a family vacation, but not if you have small children, because of the fast decreasing water depth. On the beach you can find many beach bars and even a restaurant to make your stomach happy. Renting a beach chair and umbrellas is possible here or even some water sport equipment. One is for sure, on this beach there is nothing to be worried about.
9. Beach Dračeva, Otok Brač
Do you identify yourself as being an adventurer beach user type? If so, we have a place, a beach for you. This peaceful beach is almost 5km away from the nearest accommodation and you need to walk about 750m from the parking spot to reach it. Once you get there, you will be faced with a small and quiet beach, surrounded with crystal clear water, small pebbles and with lots of pine trees, which give you a shadow to rest under and besides that provide you as well with a pleasant pine smell. I would say that this is the perfect beach to escape from the city bustle.

8. Beach Kutleša
Under the steep slopes of the town Mimice, you can find this stunning beach named Kutleša,beach. Because of the pure beach beauty in the summer time it is very popular among the tourist, so it could be very crowded here. This family beach offers you a pebble surface with some rocks. There is also some natural shadow there, and the point of swim starts at around 5 meters. For food and refreshments, you'll need to take care on your own, because there is no beach bar or similar on the beach.
7. Beach Kamenice, Island Vis
Only a few 100 meters from the town Komiža you can find this gorgeous pebble beach. It is the only beach of volcanic origin on the Adriatic coast. The locals just to collect the water in some special stone shaped containers and that's how the beach got its name. Even today you can find parts where the sweet water penetrates through the walls. Those walls, nice small pebbles, clear water and natural shadow make an ideal environment for your family vacation. There are also a fast food bar and a beach bar on the beach, which becomes a club in the late night hours. If you love a volcano shaped beach and also like to listen to some great music this spot is the one for you.

6. Beach Sveti Jakov
Say hello to one of the most attractive beaches in the famous town Dubrovnik. This pebble beauty is located under the church of St. Jakob, after which it was named. From the parking, which is located some 35 m in height difference above the beach, you need to walk on narrow steps to reach it. It has a beach bar on it so the refreshment is guaranteed. The main beach surface are pebbles, but larger stones, rocks and even some sand are as well present here. The point of swim starts quite fast at around 3 meters. While sunbathing or swimming you can enjoy the view of the island Lokrum and the Croatia most famous town Dubrovnik, which was one of the locations where the Game of Thrones series were filmed.

5. Beach Lučica
Here we have a town beach in the centre of the town Tučepi. That's a beach with a surface made of fine gravel and lots of pebbles, perfect for family vacation. On the beach you have many options to do water sports, other infrastructure, like toilets, showers are also present there. Well, once on the beach all you need is good will, you don't even need your bathing suit, because near the beach you will find lots of stores and markets with all the supplies needed for the perfect beach day, like fruits all the way to sea equipment. So no worry needed. All you need to do is to decide if you rather rest on sun, sunbathing, or you will lay down your towel under the pine trees that are providing the shadow on the beach, which there are many.

4. Beach Jezero
We would like to take to a beach named Jezero, which is located on the peninsula Pelješac near a place named Duba. This place is ideal for an explorer user type, since you have no beach infrastructure on the beach, an additional you need to take a 1 km long path to get to this beauty. Once on the beach you can enjoy the small pebbles, clean water and some natural shadow provided from some bush trees. The name Jezero means a lake, which is present there, but it’s a very small one. Because the beach being so beautiful some boat taxis can also transport you there, so no need to take the 1 km long walk. 
3. Beach Pasjača
I almost can't find the words to describe this beauty located near a village called Popovići. Well, I'll try my best. If you're not a walking lover, you better don’t go there. To reach it you should take into account the 100m of height difference between the parking and the beach. Getting down is much easier than getting back up. To help you with that there are many stairs carved in a stone wall. That's the main reason why it's almost never crowded. So if you like to have some peace and quietness you won't regret making a few more steps. Under the stairs you got the beautiful clean pebbles to rest on and even cleaner water to refresh your heated body from the sun. Beach infrastructure is not present here, so take everything you need with you.
2. Beach Čista, Island Pag
If you tired of the noisy city, you need to move your body on the beach named Čista, which is far from any civilization, and it’s located on the island Pag. The fact that this beach is so far away from the nearest village doesn’t stop people from coming here to enjoy the pure beach beauty, which means that sometimes it could get crowded. The beach is 500 m long, and on some spots you get a natural feeling, a quiet beach just perfect for relaxing, to clear you mind and enjoying the clear water. Because the beach faces towards the east there is no natural shadow, so you need to take care for the hot sun on you own. But you can also hide from the sun in the restaurant, which is as well located on the beach, the same goes for some basic beach infrastructure. You won’t regret if you visit this beach, we are sure you will love it and have a nice vacation.

1.Beach Zlatni Rat, Island Brač
This white pebble beauty is often called as the most attractive Croatian beach, and you can be sure that it deserves your attention. There's almost no such beach on the world that would change its shape, considering the sea currents and wind. Well, this one it does. This place is great for windsurfing, and kiting lovers who don't mind meeting a lot of new people. You will find many beach infrastructure here, on some spots on the highest level. Parking your car here is not a problem, there is plenty of space available. Pine trees are as well present here, so it is up to you where you want to be on the beach, either sunbathing in the sun or enjoying the refreshing shadow. Beach bars and some luxurious restaurants are mostly located directly on the beach, a really unique experience. And while you are still there, don't forget to pick up a sea snail house which was flooded on the beach. Locals say it brings good luck.
I hope that our list of top 10 pebble beaches of Croatia will help you find the one, which will make your staying in Croatia even better. To find the beaches of other European country’s go to Enjoy your vacation.