Greg, a beach enthusiast, and his partner Lara with their little child will travel, explore and expand data base with additional 1.000 beaches in 1 year. The goal is to give tourists all around the world valuable information and to raise awareness about protection of beaches and sea life from polluting, over building and global warming effects.
From January to December 2017 they are going to visit the beaches of Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Monte Negro, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.
Project BeachRex
In past 4 years of exploring the Mediterranean beaches, Greg created the biggest data base about beaches on the world.
Photos, videos, spherical panoramas and more than 200 detailed information about 2,445 beaches of Spain, Italy, France, Slovenia and Croatia was created.
Everything described can be seen at
More than 8 m views on Google Maps. More than 170,000 visitors of the web portal in just 4 months.

Now the story continues!
Be a part of this great adventure with your product or brand! 
Greg and Lara with help of little son will communicate to the wide audience of tourists, beach lovers and travelers.
Every day, they will create interesting posts, photos, videos, blogs about nature, people and sightseeing. For their Facebook followers (more than 40,000), YouTube channel (more than 1,200 videos), Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Greg's blog.
A fascinating story of a young family, great pictures, astonishing videos, a lot of attention and active fans and followers.
Will you and your company join the young family on an epic journey?
You are most welcome to become a part of it. Greg and his family can draw a lot of attention to your brand. All year long. We know how to represent your product and include it into post, photos, videos, articles and so leave a good impression about it.  For followers of our channels. And of course, we can create a great content also for your communication channels.

How will we do it?
We will travel in a modern camper. We will use the best smart phones, cameras and drones to create astonishing photos and videos. To reach remote beaches we will use bicycles and scooter. Even small boat is necessary to visit beaches that can be reached only by boat.
As a family, living in a camper for a year, we will have to take everything with us. From a washing machine, to clothes, glasses, toys … to ironing. We will have to to drink, to eat and take care of the child. At the end, we must store collected data, transfer collected data, ensure and protect us.
We will travel every single day. 365 days. During fourl weather seasons. We will definitely need different equipments.
Our story and places we are to visit will be a great opportunity for you to communicate directly with your target groups through interesting projects. Your potential buyers, fans and followers will see your products in use and add value to them.
Creating such vast project isn't easy. Furthermore, it is not cheap.. It takes a lot of money and time to carry out such a big project with the whole family on the road. But joining forces with Greg and companies that offer compatible product, we will create a win-win situation.
Many markets, many opportunities
You will get a lot of unique material, gain a lot of attention and an opportunity to convert followers to customers. Sales must go on. The whole year. This big beach journey is a right project for you. With visiting 1,000 beaches across Europe, you will cover different markets, different target groups and different preferences. You will have an opportunity to represent different models of your offer. And to compare them.
Additionally, you will also get advertising space on BeachRex media platform. with more than 50,000 visitors per month (July 2017), Facebook page BeachRex with 40,000+ fans, YouTube channel with more than 1,400 videos, Greg's blog and the portal Travel and Living.
If you want to communicate effectively, then the project 1 year, 1000 beaches with a young family of beach and travel enthusiast is the best option for you. Family is also added value for your products, furthermore, you also get in touch with different target groups.
Together, we will arrange the details about our cooperation in this project. Please, let us know if you are interested in cooperating until August 30th. The journey begins on January 1st and we have a lot of preparations to do.
 We are sure that you are our potential partner and we have a lot to offer to your success. We are looking forward to your reply to this proposal on [email protected]
With best regards in name of Greg, Lara and Gaber,
Yours faithfully,
BeachRex team