The night is getting nearer and nearer, yet I cannot help myself but to think of the four years I have spent on visiting, photographing and just plainly and most innocently enjoying beaches. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that my passion for beaches, sea and sun started a long time ago. Nevertheless, I started reviewing beaches four years ago. People always told me that I should enjoy what I am doing and when I am doing it. I have the most perfect job in my eyes. I will say to everyone that my job is the best one in the world. My world consists of travelling, meeting new people, taking photographs and editing them. This pleasant part and then there is my blog. I enjoy writing it, however, writing always makes me feel nostalgic and my passion for travelling only grows. I am thankful that I have been offered the opportunity to travel and research the wonders of nature. I am also glad that I can share everything that happens with you, my dear readers.

I remember when I started doing this job. I was quite a rookie. Well, aren’t we all? I tried hard to come across as relaxed, but deep down I was feeling really nervous and anxious. I constantly worried about my travelling, about where to park my car or how to find a certain location. I was really confused and lost. People around me had their doubts about me and my job and they believed that I am going to fail. Little did I know about now my best friend GPS. He never let me down. I would not be where I am without Garmin GPS navigation. It is simple to use – you just type in the address and the GPS will bring you to that location. I enjoy my travels and it is understandable that my favourite season of the year is summer. I no longer feel anxious or stressed while travelling, because I know that I have a lot experience and that local people are always willing to help. My family and friends do not have any complaints about my job. They are rather envious that I do what I love and that I do it well. I think that some of you are reading this post now. My path was hard and I have to rely on myself, but I can tell you that I succeed. I believe in myself and if you share the same dreams, I tell you that you can do it.

I can tell you that I met a lot of people during my travels. Thank god for Facebook, because we can still keep in touch; even after 4 years. I made some new friends. And I have to tell you those stories, because they are too funny too keep them to myself. When I was younger, I was afraid to approach people and ask them of directions, because I was so unsure and uncertain. My travels helped me with overcoming this fear. I noticed that people are always trying to help. Also, I noticed that people can speak foreign languages and that they can speak them well. I can speak Slovene, English and a little bit of German, however, I realized on my travels that this is enough and I will not get sold. I was in situations where people saved my life, because they told me where to go and they helped me to find my destination. I always listened and paid the attention to their advice. They told me to visit some of the nature’s wonders. They always remind you of the pearls of nature that you would otherwise forget about. The locals were always friendly and nice to me, even when I asked the stupidest question. The locals know what it is worth seeing and what is not. So, you should listen to them carefully.

I become really emotional when I remember my path. I remember all those sunsets, Riviera, beaches, food that I tried and liked or disliked. I remember sitting at the beach and looking at the waves and in that moment, I knew that this was my destiny. I hold fond memories of those travels and I am glad that I can share everything with you. Oh, now I am feeling nostalgic. I wish that I will be able to continue my travels. There are so many beaches that I have not visited yet. I want to explore the wonders of the seaside. I told you that I am a beach junkie. I want to visit every beach there is. I want to search for the hidden gems that I have not seen yet. My passion for travelling and visiting the beaches only grows. Nothing will stop me.