The time is here my dear BeachRex friends! The time for what, you might ask? The time to bring my 'little' project to Kickstarter.

I am finally getting closer to bring my dreams and my vision to life. After four years of hard work, after over 30.000 km (18.000 miles) spent on the road, after over 56.000 photos, 2.445 spherical panoramas and videos, after visiting 2.445 beaches on my own, I hope you will join me, and we will continue this journey together.

Beach Labadusa

As you have seen from my stories and blogs I absolutely adore beaches and not finding much information about them has influenced my vacation planning. I'm a planner, I like to know, where I'm going, and what to expect there.

In the past years I realized there is not website or mobile application, where all the beaches of the world would be collected on one place. So I decided to do something about it. That is how the BeachRex idea was born.

Beach Lancora

After spending a few years saving money, I could finally afford to quit my job. I bought a camper and a camera, packed my bags, and spent the next four years travelling around the Mediterranean.

Before I started, I sat down and decided what the information that I want to collect is. I set up the categories I would like to find answers to: beach type (gravel, sand, rocks,…), suitability (families, youth, adventurers,…), parking, GPS location, restaurants and bars, accommodation near-by, infrastructure on the beach like showers, toilets, playgrounds, sport activities (diving, surfing, playing volleyball, sailing, canoeing, snorkeling, kite boarding, fishing, riding ski jets…). When I finished counting I came up with almost 200 characteristics in 25 categories that help apprize each beach.

I started my journey in my own country Slovenia, and then continued south to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. After visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, I returned back north and continued my travels in Italy, crossed over to France and ended up in Spain.

After four years I had collected an enormous amount of data, so I needed help. I assembled a BeachRex team with people specialized in the field of marketing, photo and video processing, graphic design and programming.

Playa de Sotavento

They are already very busy, because they are creating a website where the first 2.445 beaches will be represented. But that is not all; in the era of smart phones we know you need an app. My team is also developing a mobile application that will enable people from all around the world to represent their favourite beach on BeachRex, and share it to everyone in the world.

Why are we doing this you might ask yourself? After realising the problem, we talked to our families and friends, we did a thorough analysis on Facebook and Internet, and we realised people would like to have a tool like BeachRex. We want BeachRex to help tourists find all necessary information, when booking a vacation, or beach enthusiasts to enjoy the beauties of world’s beaches from the comfort of their couches, parks, offices or when already on vacation. We want to make your life easier, and help you find quality information; help you decide faster and with less stress. And we need your help in doing that.

Travelling, collecting photos and videos, and editing them, is starting to be a huge financial burden for me. I have financed it all for the past 4 years. That is why I am looking for support on the Kickstarter platform, where I am hoping to continue reaching my goal of 200.000 beaches from all over the world by asking for crowd-founding. You can support my BeachRex team and me simply by buying yourself your own beach. Support BeachRex, contribute a small amount on Kickstarter, and one of the beautiful beaches on will be named after you. So if you want your own beach, explore Kickstarter presentation on this

Thank you for your support in bringing my vision to life!

White Sand beach