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Croatia’s best party beaches
August 02, 2016  •  COMMENTS:   •     0

Summer is the time to be relaxed, happy and have many sleepless nights. These are some of the reasons that bring a lot of people to the summer destinations, which are source of fun, wild rhythms, dancing, summer romances and more.

Croatia has a lot of destinations that will give you exactly that. And people know it. In the past years some Croatian places have turned into popular party locations, which attract a lot of party lovers.

November 30, 2015  •  COMMENTS:   •     13

Since I was a little boy, I always enjoyed being on the beach. I loved all the beach activities; building castles, swimming, fishing and diving for beautiful shells. I think that my love for beach comes from my parents, who were also beach enthusiasts. It was normal for us that we went on the seaside and enjoy the sun. And I enjoyed every minute of it. I simply loved the sea!

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