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Do you wanna fall in love on 250 million years old beaches?

February 26, 2016  •  COMMENTS:   •     3

The French Riviera or Cote d'Azur. You probably wonder, why this name sounds so familiar, why you hear about this part of the world.

Sand can get into places… like your heart.
December 04, 2015  •  COMMENTS:   •     6

Are you a sandy beach person? Do you like to build castles, play beach volleyball, maybe take long romantic walks, see your footsteps being washed away by the sea? If you like feeling sand on your body, you should definitely visit the Italian seashore.

How to catch an octopus... with a ball
December 04, 2015  •  COMMENTS:   •     10

Sounds a bit farfetched, doesn’t it? Let’s just say that fetching will play a role in this story.

Are you brave enough?
December 04, 2015  •  COMMENTS:   •     2

Beaches are not always just a place to relax. Sometimes you have to work to get there, and sometimes you need to have the guts, too.

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