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How To Dress For An Italian Beach Holiday
September 23, 2021  •  COMMENTS:   •     4

Global travel has resumed in many parts of the world, and popular holiday destinations, such as Italy, are welcoming tourists for its summer season. According to reports, the country is expecting a 20 percent increase in summer tourist numbers as restrictions have been lifted, and Italy hopes to welcome 7 million more foreign tourists this year than in 2020.

Beach Photography: How To Take Stunning Beach Photos
June 14, 2021  •  COMMENTS:   •     2

Beaches are the ideal travel destination for 53% of travelers. Whether it’s a walk along the shore, an ocean swim, or simply sunbathing on the sand, there are always plenty of things to do at the beach. Beaches also provide amazing opportunities to capture stunning photographs. By putting in the effort to perfect your shots, you can take unique and incredible beach photos that will really capture your experience.

You Can Help Reduce The Amount Of Microplastics On The World’s Beaches
May 19, 2021  •  COMMENTS:   •     3

The production of plastics has increased dramatically over the past 60 years (from 1.7 million tons in 1950 to 359 million tons in 2018), with microplastics now considered a serious threat to ocean ecosystems and beaches. Some of the many negative effects microplastics have on wildlife include intoxication, entanglement and ingestion. Unfortunately, many microplastics resemble the plankton that fish normally eat, and their ingestion can prove fatal to numerous species.

Trending Beach Fashion Items For The Upcoming Summer
April 17, 2021  •  COMMENTS:   •     2

Summer 2021 may be one of the most hotly awaited in recent history, with millions of people emerging into the light and embracing the chance to enjoy outdoor life once again. As found in a recent Longwood International survey, nearly two-thirds of Americans postponed their travels until summer 2021, and up to 24% foresee themselves traveling even in the spring. Outdoorsy destinations such as the beach and mountains will undoubtedly be favored in this health-conscious year. If you have already booked your seaside vacation, what fashion items should you pop into your beach bag?

Surf’s Up: Reasons To Add Hossegor To Your Surfing Bucket List
March 19, 2021  •  COMMENTS:   •     0

While Europe is home to a plethora of superb surfing spots, there is one region that tends to stand out from the rest. The Southwest of France, and Hossegor in particular, has made a great impression on amateur and pro surfers from across the globe. Although Hossegor may not be one of the trendiest tourism hotspots in Europe or even France, there are many reasons why it has earned the respect of surfers and fans alike.

The Romantic Beaches Of Virgin Gorda

March 10, 2021  •  COMMENTS:   •     2

Out of a sample of couples recently surveyed by the U.S. Travel Association, 79% believe that traveling together has had a positive impact on their relationship, with 63% of them believing that traveling together helps the longevity of their relationship. While finding the perfect family-friendly beaches across the world may be on your to-do list, sometimes a more romantic getaway with your partner is needed to enjoy the relaxing ambiance and bring back the spark to your relationship.

Water Safety Advice For The Beach
February 17, 2021  •  COMMENTS:   •     2

Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of injury-related deaths - as reported by the World Health Organization. Age is one major risk factor, with the highest rates of drowning occurring in children aged one to four, followed by children aged five to nine. 

November 24, 2017  •  COMMENTS:   •     0

Demands, demands, demands
In our environment we are heavily loaded with a lot of work, expectations of society, fast tempo of life and pressures from the mass media. We should have a brilliant career and a child before we are thirty, be a loving and passionate partner and a good parent. We should look like people from the commercials and be happy like people from the commercials.

On the Road without stress
November 19, 2017  •  COMMENTS:   •     2

How do we usually feel before our well-deserved vacation begins? Usually, we cannot wait for it while days seem to be longer and longer. We are exploring different possible activities near our vacation destination and imagine how we will be gazing at the waves with a drink in our hand

The Safest beaches in Croatia
August 04, 2017  •  COMMENTS:   •     2

Croatia’s main pull has to be its stunning coastline. Me and my family, we have always visited Croatian beaches in the summer. Sometimes they were crowded and sometimes they were not. It depended in which month we decided to go on our vacation. We never had any problems. Not with language or with people. The people were always nice and friendly. They did not have any problems with us. 

Best Weather App to Use When Going to the Beach

November 29, 2016  •  COMMENTS:   •     3

Let's avoid people… or 11 tips for visiting a secret beach
January 15, 2016  •  COMMENTS:   •     6

I bet every one of us has a little bit of an adventurous soul hidden somewhere inside. Are you the kind of person that likes untouched, empty beaches, far away from the noises of civilization? You know that this is the place where you will really manage to rest, turn off the modern world, and be one with nature.

I’m going on an adventure… or 10 tips when travelling alone with a camper
December 15, 2015  •  COMMENTS:   •     9

You have decided to make that first step to go on an adventure. First I have to congratulate you. It is not an easy decision; it is a big challenge, not just to make the trip, but to embrace the solitude that will be your companion on this journey.

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