If you are planning a beach trip and are worried about the weather, there is no shortage of weather apps available to download. Some are free, while others will cost you a few bucks. So how do you know which one to choose? Here are some must-haves when choosing a weather app.

Radar: Apps that have weather radar will let you know exactly what is coming your way. You won’t just see numbers, you’ll get an updated image of any potential storm fronts moving in, and even an idea of how quickly they are moving. When looking for a weather app, local weather radar is definitely a must-have.

Pollen Counts: In addition to weather radar, you want an app that can give you pollen count in your area. Nothing ruins a beach trip faster than a runny nose and watery eyes. Even if you yourself don’t suffer from allergies, odds are that someone in your group does. Most allergies are manageable if proper medication is taken before exposure to the allergen. Whether you have an allergy or know someone who does, you can prevent having a bad beach day by being prepared.

Local Forecast: Much like weather radar, a local forecast is based on your specific location, not just the general weather for a given city. Just because your back yard is overcast, doesn’t mean that the beach is too. Local forecast can help you figure out whether you want to eat dinner on the beach, or go back home without the risk of being caught in a random rain shower.

Everyone should enjoy a beach day, and you can do so with a good weather app. Weather apps have a ton of other cool features that can be helpful everyday—not just on beach day. This makes a good weather app a necessity for just about everyone.