Out of a sample of couples recently surveyed by the U.S. Travel Association, 79% believe that traveling together has had a positive impact on their relationship, with 63% of them believing that traveling together helps the longevity of their relationship. While finding the perfect family-friendly beaches across the world may be on your to-do list, sometimes a more romantic getaway with your partner is needed to enjoy the relaxing ambiance and bring back the spark to your relationship. Although everyone's opinion may differ on what exactly makes a beach the most romantic of them all, the Virgin Gorda beaches on the British Virgin Islands are known to have some of the best views, warmth, relaxation, and the ultimate romantic atmosphere.

Where Relaxation Meets Romance
The Virgin Gorda beaches all have their perks, but when it comes to being the most romantic beach on the British Virgin Islands, the Baths beach is easily found to be the most incredibly beautiful, and filled with a peaceful ambiance built by nature. Honeymooners all over the world travel to these beaches to relax on the bulbous boulders formed across the beach waters. The average honeymoon vacation can cost upwards of $3,500, with a good chunk of it coming from the couple's wedding budget. And while this romantic getaway may or may not be on your wedding registry, it's best to plan ahead for all extra costs and fees to thoroughly enjoy your vacation.

The beaches at Virgin Gorda aren't just for couples, though. You can find many activities to enjoy alone or with a friend. While these beaches are filled with beauty and romance, they are also known to provide an adventurous experience that helps you forget about your daily troubles - even if that includes a recent traumatic breakup that requires a bit of TLC. So whether you are scheduling a solo getaway to heal your heart after a serious breakup or planning your next romantic trip with a partner, you'll find a lot to do on the Virgin Gorda beaches.

Experiencing Beach Ambiance And Activities
No matter the reason for your getaway, while you're there, you can expect to experience more than just your ordinary beach. Visiting the Baths beach, you can schedule activities that provide memories to last a lifetime. Snorkeling along the colorful reef and diving trips by the bay are just a couple of the experiences you can enjoy with your partner. By the end of the night, you'll be ready to relax in the arms of your love and enjoy your favorite drinks while watching the incredible sunset on the beach.

With white-sand beaches and picture-perfect rocky labyrinths of boulders, planning your romantic getaway to the beaches of Virgin Gorda is a time for excitement. Be prepared to experience and see things you've never imagined before. However, to enter certain scenic views and attractions, you'll most likely be expected to pay a small entry fee, which is honestly completely worth it for the experience of this unique adventure. 

Planning this type of luxurious and romantic vacation may come with a high price tag, but it's always best to experience the whole unique adventure rather than just relaxing on the beach, which is exactly what you can expect when visiting the Virgin Gorda beaches.

Written by Jane Sandwood