Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love watching and photographing spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Provided the weather is clear and the setting is fine, you can be gifted with stunning sunrises and sunsets pretty much anywhere in the world, and usually the higher you are in altitude, the better the view (capturing dawn and dusk from the comfort of a plane is priceless). However, I am more after photographing these stunning spectacles at beaches. I have never been the type of person who goes to a beach just to sit around and read a book or sunbath all day long – no, I am more of the active type. I will probably stay at a beach for around 10 minutes and then move on! It was in 2013 that one of my good mates, James Nixon, who is a highly-experienced airline pilot, recommended Boracay in the Philippines as having one of the best beaches in the world. Without a doubt, I trusted his judgement because he’s been all over the world in his 30 year flying career and seen some of the best beaches in the world. Being an Aussie, he was amazed at the sight of how spectacular some of the beaches in Greece and Malta were (Australians are proud of their beaches) but it was Boracay that he recommended. Everyday between 5.50pm and 6.20pm, the sky is full of many colours appear and change quickly, too. You just end up saying "Wow!" all the time. Those 20 minutes from around 5.50pm can put a smile back on ones face if they've had a bad day...I've seen sunsets like this in England maybe for a few days a year.

I visited this tiny island in the Philippines in April 2015. The island, if seen from above, is shaped like a dog-bone, with the ends stretching out, and a middle part that is around half a mile wide. The island houses a wonderful white sand beach facing west to the Sulu Sea. The eastern side - Bulabog Beach - faces the Sibuyan Sea. Voted by Conde Nast and many other travel magazines as having one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay is a gem (though, not exactly hidden now!).

From my experience, for the perfect beach experience on Boracay, head to Station 3 (in front of and around the Sundown Studios Boracay hotel), or to Puka Beach on the far north side of the island, behind the Shangri-La resort. The pristine white sand, the clear turquoise waters and the tranquil atmosphere are exactly what is expected from a visit to this timeless wonder. This part of the island is less frequented by tourists because there is not much to do here, but that’s the beauty of this place. It is still somewhat of a hidden gem, and it can make even the most active people who don’t like to sit around on a beach (like me!), to stay here and admire the beauty at great length and for long hours. It will truly blow your mind away. Boracay is at 11°58′10″N 121°55′38″E.

By Navjot Singh.