I bet every one of us has a little bit of an adventurous soul hidden somewhere inside. Are you the kind of person that likes untouched, empty beaches, far away from the noises of civilization? You know that this is the place where you will really manage to rest, turn off the modern world, and be one with nature. Yeah, even nude, if you like it. I have put together some tips for all of you that aren’t looking just of a lounger, party atmosphere, and walking all over each other. For all of you that can take more than walking maximal 50 meters from your car to the beach. It is for all of you that enjoy an unforgettable relaxation in that secret place, where the sea meets the land.

When you visit so many beautiful, hard to reach, mysterious, and remote beaches you learn one thing: “Be prepared.” Discovering nature is much better, when you are at least a little bit prepared. I know that being spontaneous has its charm, but sometimes it can be too risky.

There is no better feeling than knowing I am totally prepared and getting closer to the experience of a new beach. But even better is the feeling, when you are returning from the beach full of new impressions, photos, and knowing that I am healthy and ready for the next day. So in the evening I can say it was a perfect day.

But it wasn’t always so ideal. With all the beaches I’ve visited, I got the biggest lessons from the wild and remote beaches. I either overestimated myself or underestimated the nature. It happened that I ran out of water or got really bad blisters on my feet. I wasn’t really proud of my recklessness, because it cost me a visit to another beach the next day. That is why I prepared some tips that are crucial, when visiting a remote beach.

1. Inform yourself

First know what kind of a beach you would like to visit. Check the internet if there is any information about a 'secret' beach near you. Ask the locals or at a tourist agency. It is good to know how accessible the beach is; if there is a path leading to is, if it’s marked, if everyone can reach the beach, and how long it takes to get there. If you own a boat or plan to rent one, you should check out the GPS coordinates. Soon you will be able to get all this information on BeachRex quickly and efficiently.

2. Suitable footwear

Walking is a big part of discovering remote and hidden beaches. It will probably take a while to actually reach the beach. And the terrain can cause us big problems if we aren’t wearing suitable footwear. So leave those fancy sandals of flip-flops at home or at least put them in your backpack. Better wear sneakers that will make every step safer, more comfortable and save you from a blister or two.

3. Backpack

Usually the ‘move’ to the beach involves a ton of stuff, a huge bag, cooler, lounger, sunshade, etc. But if you are an explorer type, you need free arms and hands. So take a backpack, it should be big enough to get all the stuff in, but also small enough, so it doesn’t distract you. Use the free hands to discover the world around you, or if in nice company, give them a hug.

4. Food and water

In summer it is usually hot, so make sure you bring plenty of water and hydrate. There is usually no tap water on remote beaches. The same holds for food. Even if you don't eat a lot during hot summer days, you should bring something. Pack some fruits and vegetables, maybe some nuts, even a sandwich can feel good after a whole day on the beach. Don't ignore the importance of food, even if you feel you won't need it. It will give you energy to discover new hidden places. And that is the goal, isn't it?

5. Tissues

Don't expect to find a toilet in those hidden places, or running water. But I'm sure you will find a bush to hide behind. That is when tissues will come in handy. Just normal or moisturized tissues are the best solution to keep you clean. And even if you throw them away, don’t worry, they will fully decompose. 

6. Mobile phone

I wanted to write a camera, but then I realized we all have cameras on our smart phones. I bet you will find things in these remote areas that you will want to save for eternity. Don’t be shy about it. Maybe those pictures will write stories for your grandchildren or help in creating our database on beachrex.com. Besides, it could happen you will enjoy your day until the darkness falls and the first stars light the night sky. Then the phone’s GPS and flashlight can help you find your way back.

7. Shade

A sunny day by the sea is what we all strive to, but the sun can be our enemy if we’re not prepared. Investigating a new and remote beach can bring up the question of a shade. We never know if we will be able to hide from the sun, at least in the hottest hours of the day. So it’s better to be prepared. Bring a small parasol, especially if you have kids with you. But if the sun doesn’t bother you, bring a cap or a hat to at least protect your head. And make sure it’s made from breathable materials, so you won’t sweat too much.

8. Flippers and a snorkel

When talking about the untouched nature by the sea, just imagine what the wonders of the underwater world will bring you. If your imagination isn’t enough and you are a person of actions, then better bring your diving kit. Flippers and a snorkel will be enough; but if you don’t own this equipment, you can simply bring swim goggles, and even those will open up a whole new world for you, and double the new experience. Just practice your breath-holding in advance.

9. A book

You have spent time discovering the beach, above and under the water. Now it’s time to discover the world inside you. All these wonders can tire you and sometimes you need a little rest. This is the perfect time to lie down next to the water; the sound of the sea and the whisper of the wind are the best companions to your romance novel or a thriller. These kinds of beaches are quiet and there are hardly people there, so reading your book can be a real joy.

10. First Aid Kit

I personally love the trip to the beach. I love walking, being full of excitement, and can hardly wait for that first meeting with the beach. Every new beach brings me something new. But the paths to the beaches can be tricky. They are overgrown, full or bushes and thorns, rocky, and slippery; it’s easy to slip, and scratch or bruise yourself. The first rule is not to hurry, be careful. The second rule is to bring a first aid kit. The kit should contain some plasters and bandages in different sizes, disinfectant, cooling remedy and maybe a spray that increases the healing process. Better be prepared than sorry.

11. Everything else

We have everything, we haven’t forgotten anything, and we don’t need anything else… does that sound familiar? How often do we say that? But when we arrive at the beach, we are soon proven wrong. Be sure to check if you have things like towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, etc. Although I don’t think you will need the latter at those remote beaches.

I wish you a lot of fun and relaxation on your vacation by the sea. I hope these tips will help you plan an escape to a hidden beach. Who knows, maybe it will turn out to be the beach of your dreams. Good luck!