Summer 2021 may be one of the most hotly awaited in recent history, with millions of people emerging into the light and embracing the chance to enjoy outdoor life once again. As found in a recent Longwood International survey, nearly two-thirds of Americans postponed their travels until summer 2021, and up to 24% foresee themselves traveling even in the spring. Outdoorsy destinations such as the beach and mountains will undoubtedly be favored in this health-conscious year. If you have already booked your seaside vacation, what fashion items should you pop into your beach bag?

Comfortable Sandals
Brands like Gucci, Chanel and Prada are all proving that it is possible to be stylish and comfortable all at once, with sandals that are sturdy, walkable, and cushioned. Many styles (check out Bottega Veneta’s chic take on the classic ‘dad’ sandal or Ganni’s lug-soled sandals) take their inspiration from both men and women’s fashion, and work perfectly well alongside gender-fluid garments. They are perfect for a day walking by the seashore or trekking along a pebbly beach.

Glitzy Swimwear
Harper's Bazaar predicts that beaches and swimming pools aside will be awash with blingy bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. Just a few ways to blur the line between beach and disco wear include materials such as metallic Lycra, stain finishes, and glittery materials that look just as great by night as by day. Jazz up these pieces with statement jewelry, and stacked bracelets and rings in a variety of metal shades.

Watercolor Shades
Just a few top colors that will be predominant over the summer 2021 season include sky blue, buttercream, and marigold yellow - the so-called ‘watercolor’ shades that somehow proliferate year after year in the warmer seasons. From bikinis to light jackets, and midi dresses to linen pants, pastel shades will lead fashionistas into uplifting looks that inspire playfulness. Complement this look with a few hot summer beauty trends predicted by influencers like YouTuber Rachel Tee Tyler, such as watercolor eyeshadows. To achieve this look, place a sparkly sky blue shade in the inner color of your eyelid. Pair it with baby pink or peach on the outdoor corners, and light, natural foundation and lips. Instead of opting for a heavy foundation, go for a hydrating cream or a water-based foundation topped with a glowing cream bronzer.

Head Scarves
Head scarves hark back to the glamour of the 70s, and they are perfect for protecting hair from the harsh effects of the sun. Channel your inner Grace Kelly by donning a scarf at the beach, or even when you’re out shopping. There will be a plethora of new styles available - including long scarves you can wrap around your head and drape over your top, and short denim and paisley styles that go well with casual looks. Knot your scarf behind your head at the neck, or use it as an accessory for your bag or briefcase.
Summer is shaping up to be a big one for beach fashion, with many opting for outdoorsy holidays as a way to enjoy nature and the company of others. Top trends to watch out for include comfortable sandals, sparkling beachwear, and pastel hues. Accessories such as head scarves will also be making a comeback, which is great news for those who like getting out of bed and rushing out, without spending too much time on hair styling.

Written by Jeniffer Dawson