Beaches are not always just a place to relax. Sometimes you have to work to get there, and sometimes you need to have the guts, too.

There are so many types of beaches in the world; there is that special one just for you. Let's see the typology: there are beaches for families, for elders, there are some for party freaks, even divided by music types, or course for sports fanatics, and the explorers can find some hidden spots as well.

Who is an explorer? In my book it is the person, a beach lover, that will go one step further, who will risk a bit to find the more remote, hard to reach, but beautiful and awesome beaches. These remote places are not crowded, there are maybe a few lone explorers there, or maybe you are even alone.

I consider myself to be an explorer, and during my travels I found a few of these beaches. Do you want to go there? Do you have the guts to go there?

Let's start easy. There is a beach in the Croatian town Pula called Galebove stijene, which translates to Seagulls' walls. What I love about this beach is the diversity of water entries. You can walk easily in the water over the small pebbles or you can jump off a cliff. The height varies from one to thirteen meters. Water depth is around six metres, so what are you waiting for? If you have fear of heights, you can always watch the daredevils performing crazy stunts. The coordinates for this beach are 44°51'40.28"N, 13°48'19.02"E.
 Beach Galebove stijene

How about a beach with a view of a castle? There is one of those, too. It's called beach Duino, in the Italian town Duino. The height difference between the parking and the beach is about 50 meters, and you have to work for it. But once you have climbed it, it is worth it. The view is amazing. This place is also famous for the Rilke trail with its sea cliffs. The coordinates for this beach are 45°46'18.77"N, 13°36'16.99"E.

Beach Duino

The south of France has a gem of its own. It's called beach de la Galère and it is located near the town Cabasson. The trail to the beach is definitely not suitable for someone with ton of luggage. First you have to walk for a kilometre and second there are rocks you have to climb over to actually get to the beach. But once you survive the trail, you are rewarded with the most amazing beach experience. The coordinates for this beach are 43° 5'29.07"N, 6°19'57.09"E.

Beach de la Galère

Moving even farther West, the Spanish town called L'Escala or the ladder, has a beach called Cala Salpatx. It is not suitable for everyone, because first you have to walk around 750 metres and then climb down for 20 metres. You better bring your climbing shoes. The coordinates for this beach are 42° 6'58.09"N, 3° 9'28.39"E.

Beach Cala Salpatx

And here is the winner in my book. The best beach for explorers. Why? Because it is difficult to reach, but once you conquer that, you are rewarded with the most spectacular view. And with someone special at your side, you can create the best memories. The name of the beach is Punta Crena. It is located close to the Italian town Varigotti. How to get there? You have to walk for about 500 metres. Part of the trail you go through a forest, and then you have to climb some rocks, better bring a rope, because the descend and ascend are about 50 metres in total. The coordinates for this beach are 44°10'53.93"N, 8°24'24.82".

Beach Punta Crena