The French Riviera or Cote d'Azur. You probably wonder, why this name sounds so familiar, why you hear about this part of the world. One of the reasons could be, because the public attention is turned to this part of the world at least a few times a year, during the Nice Carneval, the Cannes Festival or the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco. So when you hear about Cote d'Azur you probably think about prestige, fast cars, huge yachts, rich people, glamour, beauty, parties, movie stars, breathtaking views, famous festival, kings and dukes, out-of-this-world hotels and villas, vine, sun, and of course, beautiful beaches.

You are right, but that is far from all there is to know about this amazing section of the French coast that stretches from the Italian border to the beautiful fishing village Cassis in the West, just next to Marseille.

I am not a big expert in French high society, but I am one, when it comes to the beauties of France and their beaches. So I decided to take you, in my opinion, down the most beautiful and picturesque part of the French Riviera.

We will start our journey just out of Cannes and go all the way until Fréjus. Why? Because this part stands out due to its specific geological structure. There is a unique harmony of prehistoric red stones and turquoise water. It is really a sight that takes your breath away. Esterel Massif is the name you should remember for this part. It is 250 million years old and has a typical red colour. Island Corsica and in the northern parts of Africa, share the same type of rocks as can be found here. When these parts were formed the Mediterranean Sea hasn’t even existed yet.

But enough of geology, I want to show you, where to go and how to reach those amazing beaches.

We will start with the beach, or as the French call it, plage du Trayas. It’s picturesque, cute and a perfect spot for lovers. These are the first words that come to mind, when I think about this beach. You will be charmed with the natural shade, red rocks, red sand, and turquoise blue waters. It is easily accessible by car or by train. Yes, you read that right; there is railway that travels along the coast through the ancient countryside. You need to walk just 100 meters (or a little over 100 yards) from the train station to the beach. If you are in love and want to charm someone, I suggest you enter that train and see this amazing countryside together. And as a cherry on the top, exit at Arrêt du Trayas and make a pit stop at plage du Trayas. The coordinates for this beach are 43°28'28" N 6°55'33" E.

Plage du Trayas

Calanque de Maubois is the next beach. It looks similar to the beach Trayas, but it is longer, wider, has less shade, and it is accessible only by car. Unfortunately there is no train station here, but you can easily find a parking space. If you like turns you will really enjoy the picturesque drive to the beach. Just set your GPS coordinates to 43°27'28" N 6°55'12" E.

Calanque de Maubois

There is another beach for the romantics called Calanque de Saint-Barthélemy. Its location is very interesting. Mighty rock walls and picturesque cliffs surround the beach. If you are not fan of sandy beaches, this one will be perfect for you. There are just pebbles, so there won’t be any sand going into places, and it’s still comfortable to walk around and enter the water. The path has nice steps that offer an amazing view of the surroundings all the way to the beach. But it is not just the beach that is beautiful, the rocks and the water are forming an amazing underwater world, and I would suggest that you and your loved one enjoy some time together under the water. Don’t forget your snorkelling gear. You can park your car by the road; there are about 20 parking spaces available. The beach coordinates are 43°26'46" N 6°54'26" E.

Calanque de Saint-Barthélemy

Let's look at the beach between the towns Agay and Le Dremont. It is another beautiful beach, where you can relax, forget about all the stress in the world, and enjoy the company of your loved one. The beach is called plage du Cap Estérel. Parking is by the road and the access is easy, but the whole area is starting to be more residential. A few characteristics about the beach; it is small and surrounded by stone walls; there are pebbles and sand in typically red colour. There is no shade, but you will get that sexy tan. The coordinates are 43°25'35" N 6°51'29" E.

Plage du Cap Estérel

The last beach for today is called plage de la Tortue and it is located in the town Boulouris. This area is already more populated and la Tortue is the last one in a row of romantic spots in this area. No wonder that the French, the masters of love, have set up luxurious villas here. Do you want to enjoy some perfect romantic moments together, especially because of the red stones, which add something special to the moment? Go for it. There are several ways to access the beach, parking is by the road, but then you can take a stroll hand in hand down the narrow alleys, straight into the embrace of the sea. Find the beach with these GPS coordinates 43°24'47" N 6°48'30" E.

Plage de la Tortue

I wish you a lot of romantic moments and stars in your eyes.